Hired Goons: SHIELD Marvels NPCs (shield_goons) wrote in shield_marvels,
Hired Goons: SHIELD Marvels NPCs

Mulder and Scully Were Busy

Davenport, Maine. It was a fairly typical little tourist town, full of cottages and quaint B&Bs and little shops claiming to be "general stores" that sold absolutely nothing practical. It was also currently very, very quiet. Sure, there were plenty of locals puttering about, but the sudden decline in tourism had taken its toll on the town's moral.

Sight of the SHIELD agents (who were there under the guise of- surprise surprise- tourists) seem to perk many of them out of their funk though. People were helpful. Almost too helpful. Groceries were bagged quickly and neatly, food was served hot and fresh at the local eateries, and there were chocolate mints on each frilly-cased pillow at the bed and breakfast they were staying at. The people here were oh-so-eager to please the first tourists they'd seen in at least a week.

The agents had checked into their reserved B&B suites, two to a room without complication. The rooms were... typical B&B fair. Lots of "shabby chic" floral and toile prints and the promise of blueberry buttermilk pancakes in the morning.

If the garish decor was not enough to frighten our heroes, perhaps the strange sounds and lights that began sometime around one AM would do the trick?
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