Colonel Nicholas Fury (shield_topdog) wrote in shield_marvels,
Colonel Nicholas Fury

It hits the fan: Earplugs required.

Nick looked at the young woman sitting in a chair on the other side of his desk. Damned if she didn't look a lot like her father. The kid sounded like Sean as well. Sometimes that thick Irish accent was hard to understand.

The kid was already dressed in a uniform and had been shown quarters. Logan had taken care of getting settled without Sean finding out. Nick was sure it had been difficult, but the diminutive Canadian had managed. Sometimes it was hard to slip something past Cassidy.

Nick looked at her again. There was one more thing to do and it was going to be the most painful. Nick had earplugs in his ear, but somehow he didn't think they'd be of much help.

He pressed a button on his intercomm. "Get Sean in here," he said, purposely leaving out Sean's last name.

Another look at the girl. "There's someone I want ya t' meet. He'll be overseein' yer trainin'."
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