Colonel Nicholas Fury (shield_topdog) wrote in shield_marvels,
Colonel Nicholas Fury

It hits the fan: Earplugs required.

Nick looked at the young woman sitting in a chair on the other side of his desk. Damned if she didn't look a lot like her father. The kid sounded like Sean as well. Sometimes that thick Irish accent was hard to understand.

The kid was already dressed in a uniform and had been shown quarters. Logan had taken care of getting settled without Sean finding out. Nick was sure it had been difficult, but the diminutive Canadian had managed. Sometimes it was hard to slip something past Cassidy.

Nick looked at her again. There was one more thing to do and it was going to be the most painful. Nick had earplugs in his ear, but somehow he didn't think they'd be of much help.

He pressed a button on his intercomm. "Get Sean in here," he said, purposely leaving out Sean's last name.

Another look at the girl. "There's someone I want ya t' meet. He'll be overseein' yer trainin'."
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Sean had been in the midst of a lesson on international law with a handful of trainees when he got the page to join Fury in his office. The class was dissmissed, and it wasn't long before he was being shown in by Fury's assistant.

"Yes, sir-" he started, and his face fell when he saw the redheaded girl in the chair. In a training uniform. Who looked a hell of a lot like the pictures of-... Oh shite. He should have known better than to try and keep a secret from Fury.

His jaw clenched hard enough to press coal into diamonds between his teeth. He was not going to make an ass of himself in front of her. No, he was going to politely ask to speak with Fury alone... and then kill him. No, scratch that. He was going to find out who brought the information about Theresa to Fury's attention, then he was going to hunt them down and kill them.

"Excuse me," he said to the girl, ever-so-politely, despite the vein threatening to burst through his forehead in an explosion of blood and Irish temperment. He approached Fury's desk and leaned forward to very quietly request "a word, sir?"
Nick had to give Sean some credit. The man hadn't exploded the moment he saw his daughter sitting in the chair in Nick's office. Surprisingly enough he politely asked for a word with Nick.

Nick knew Sean was waiting for the right moment to let loose and rupture Nick's eardrums. If Nick was lucky that's all Cassidy would do. Nick was going to delay that as long as possible and he knew Sean wouldn't explode in front of his daughter. Nick could use this to his advantage.

"In a minute," Nick carefully said as he watched Sean clench his jaw even tighter. It was a good thing SHIELD had good dentists. Nick had a feeling Sean would need one if he kept clenching his jaw much longer.

"Theresa," he said turning his attention to the young woman sitting in the chair across from his desk. "Make yerself comfortable for a minute if ya would. Seems like one o' my agents here needs t' have a word with me."

Nick stood up and walked out from behind the desk. He didn't wait for Sean, instead he walked directly toward the door that led to a conference room off of the office.
Terry nodded and stayed put in the chair. She carefully looked at both men in the room. Why did she suddenly feel like someone had just lit the fuse on a bomb and it was ready to go off at any second?

Once alone in the room with Fury, Sean began to pace, occasionally making eye contact with the director. The man was his superior, but right now he didn't give a rat's arse about chain of command or formalities... or even civility.

His voice was low, and quiet, which was probably a worse sign than if he were yelling. "You have no right Fury, absolutely no right to bring her here like this. You think being the top dog in the pile here makes you fucking God? I don't care what she can do or how badly you want another good little mutant to do your bidding. She is my flesh and blood, and this meeting should be on our terms, not yours. If she wants nothing to do with me, she has no choice in the matter now, does she? How am I supposed to explain this to her?"
Nick stayed rather calm for the situation. He crossed his arms over his chest and the unlit stogie was clenched between his teeth.

"How are you goin' t' explain knowin' about her for as long as ya did an' not making any effort to contact her?" Nick countered. "Ya left her t' struggle on her own after yer cousin was sent t' prison."

"An' as for my right, Agent Cassidy, this uniform, this command gives me the right t' do what's necessary. Recruitin' her was necessary."
"I didn't contact her because I knew you'd try to recruit her for your bloody spy games! She'd be better off not knowin' me if it meant she didn't get sucked into this," he said, indicating their surroundings.

"Necessary? How many agents do you have now? How many do you fucking need? Does she know how dangerous this is? That she could not only die but-" he cut himself off, clenching his fists. "Do you remember what Pryde looked like when we got her away from Ogun? So help me, Fury, if you put Theresa at risk for any of that shit-" he said, and stopped. What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to keep her safe now?
"Necessary," Nick said with no little force. "Few words for ya, Sean. Criminal an' illegal alien. Her activities with yer cousin were gonna catch up to her. This way she stays outta jail an' doesn't get sent packin' outta the country."
How dare Nick use logic in this argument!

Sean's shoulders fell, and he held his hand to his forehead, rubbing the spots where the tension had built up. "Saints Nick, ye couldn't have at least told me?" he asks him. "How the hell am I going to do this?"
"It ain't easy meetin' an adult child for the first time," Nick said. "I know from experience. But ya got at least one thing goin' for ya. She isn't tryin' t' kill ya an' she probably won't try t' kill ya when she finds out who ya are."

"I'm not father o' the year material, but ya should've approached her when ya found out, ya damn yahoo."

Nick pulled a cigar out of a pocket and handed it to Sean. "Ya just do it. It's not gonna be easy, an' you'll both bleed a little, but it'll be worth it in the end."
That logic thing? Totally unfair.

"I suppose I should go in there and get this over with," he grumbled, unconsciously running a hand through his hair.

This was so not how he'd planned on this meeting happening.
"Yeah, ya should. See me when it's over. I have a twenty year old bottle of scotch waiting to be appreciated."
Terry sat in the Colonel's office and waited. The Colonel and the other agent were in the conference room off of the Colonel's office and had been for the past ten minutes.

Terry knew they were talking about her. She wished she could've been a fly on the wall in that room.

So she sat there and waited for them to come back out.