Colonel Nicholas Fury (shield_topdog) wrote in shield_marvels,
Colonel Nicholas Fury

All dressed up...

Nick hated formal events, but as the head of SHIELD, attendance was almost mandatory. Especially when it was a UN gig and seeing how the UN paid SHIELD's bills, Nick put on the monkey suit and a fake smile on his face.

The room was crowded with foreign dignitaries and SHIELD agents. Not only did Nick had to attend these shindigs, SHIELD also had to provide main security. There were uniformed agents stationed around the room, but the main security was really the agents who were dressed in formal wear. They were the ones closest to the dignitaries and were responsible for keeping their assignment safe.

Nick sipped the glass of club soda and half-listened to the Secretary General babble on to the British Ambassador. He continuously scanned the room, checking on his agents and keeping an eye out for a disturbance.
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