Logan - A Roleplaying Journal (agt_logan) wrote in shield_marvels,
Logan - A Roleplaying Journal

Fury's Files: Lee. Murdock. St. Croix. Espinosa. Guthrie. Hardy.

Logan finally couldn’t ignore the files Fury had given him any longer. If he was going to be on the helicarrier, he might as well get on with the job. He did give his word he’d at least talk to the group. If he couldn’t find anything to work with in the agents, he’d go back to his regular position and leave the field for the next sucker Fury could entice for the job. Maybe somebody with a little less guilt to work off.

He flipped through the files, remembering Tasha’s expressions while she read through and gave him her opinions of the six agents. With a sigh and a scowl, he put out a call for each one to check in with him in the next twenty four hours. The interviews would have to be in his quarters. Damned flying boat was too small to get any real privacy anywhere else. He didn’t need to advertise possible rejections. Just because he was picky about who worked on his team didn’t mean somebody else wouldn’t want the same agents on theirs. Surely Fury didn’t want him to take on all six. Who knew what Fury thought these days?

He looked at the names one more time.

Lee. Murdock. St. Croix. Espinosa. Guthrie. Hardy.

He could feel the headache already.
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