Colonel Nicholas Fury (shield_topdog) wrote in shield_marvels,
Colonel Nicholas Fury

Well on the up side he wasn't deaf after the meeting with the two Cassidys and they seemed to have started on working things out between them, the downside was the meeting made him start thinking about his own kid. Things with Mikel have never been easy, but it had been a few years since he had even talked to his kid.

The kid was a hothead and as stubborn as Nick liked to deny he was. Those two things and with Nick as a father didn't go well together. It pained Nick that relations between them were strained, but he didn't think he could do make them better.

Thinking about Mikel always put Nick in a mood. It was the kind of mood to make agents clear a path and give him a wide berth.

Nick practically stomped down the hallway, heading toward his quarters.

There was a bottle of whiskey in his quarters he was going to make friends with.
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