Colonel Nicholas Fury (shield_topdog) wrote in shield_marvels,
Colonel Nicholas Fury

Like something from a Stephen King Novel

Nick frowned as he read the report. It could be right. At least fifteen people up and disappearing from a small town in Maine. People just didn't up and disappear. Not fifteen of them. There was also mention of some weird glowing lights in the area.

He looked up at the agent standing in front of his desk. "This correct?"

"Of course, sir," Agent Torres replied.

"Sonovabitch. Do we know anything about the missin' people?"

"Not much, sir. We know only what's in the report."

"Thanks, Agent Torres. Dismissed."

The agent saluted and the left the office.

Technically it wasn't an international incident that needed SHIELD's attention, but the glowing lights did nag at him. The weird and unusual were part of SHIELD's jurisdiction. Nick supposed he'd have to put a small team together to go investigate.

Nick pressed the button to buzz his assistant.

"Get Romanoff in here."
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