Logan - A Roleplaying Journal (agt_logan) wrote in shield_marvels,
Logan - A Roleplaying Journal

Foggy Summer Morning...

Once his last few days of leave were done, Logan put himself on a SHIELD transport and few to San Francisco.  

He wasn't fond of the city.  It was too touchy-feely a place for him to be comfortable in.  Forget the gay population, it was the people who had no concept of personal space that drove him crazy.  The last time he was here, he had his hair fondled by strangers in a bar.  He'd bared his teeth, but they weren't impressed.  One man exclaimed over the thickness while his girlfriend complained about split ends.  Was it his fault he'd been too busy to get a haircut?   It was only the glint of metal tips from between his knuckles that persuaded them to leave him alone.   

Weirdos lived in San Francisco.  Freaks in LA.  Entitlement leeches in Chicago.  Publicity whores in DC.  

America.  What a country.  

The file was committed to memory.  He was looking for one Theresa Cassidy, reportedly working as a waitress in a tourist trap close to the bay near Fisherman's Wharf.  The file had been extensive, but it didn't give her work schedule for the week.  An agent was to meet him here, but the last communication said the female agent would be delayed.  A little advance work never went to waste.  He'd make contact, see if the girl was even ready to listen to what he had to say.  

With good memories of his leave still lingering, Logan whistled as he strolled down the sidewalk toward the restuarant. 

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