Natalia Romanova (agt_romanova) wrote in shield_marvels,
Natalia Romanova

Errand Girl (open to Walters, St. Croix and Cap)

Natasha walked through the corridors of the 'Carrier, books in arms and on a mission. On a few missions in actuality. Her first two stops were to see Walters and St. Croix. This past week's famous brawlers. The word about their little tussle in the gym had spread like wildfire through the Carrier as soon as the last punch had been thrown.

Natasha was now on her way to see each of them to let them both know that they were no longer confined to quarters, but they would each have deck duty for the next week. In Natasha's opinion, Nick was going easy on them. They should be cleaning the latrines for what they did.

The books in her arms were for Steve. He was a man out of time and needed reading materials to catch up. Natasha knew history, but she couldn't be around all the time to answer any questions. Books were the next best thing. Natasha was smart enough to get a few general world history books from a few countries around the world instead of just relying on American versions of history.

There was a small bounce in her step if anyone stopped long enough to notice.
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