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Oct. 6th, 2007


In, out and going to the higest bidder....

Security at their bases was a complete joke.  Thanks to some new technology provided and bought from AIM, Hydra was easily able to by pass the SHIELD base security.  Usually the most effective way to was to go in with guns blazing and some explosions, but this time they didn't want SHIELD knowing what they were doing until it was too late.

Their objective this time was information.  SHIELD had thousands of agents, maybe even close to ten thousand by this time, and each one had a weakness.  It was all in their personnel files and waiting for the right person to exploit.

Hydra wanted the information for their own use as well as selling it to the highest bidder.  Information like this would go for a few million on the black market.  The trick was getting the information before SHIELD could find out what was going on.

Penetrating the base was easy and it didn't take much effort to slip past the few agents stationed to get to the central computer core.  Two minutes to download the information to disc and then another minute to slip out.

The only way SHIELD would know what happened is if they actually checked to see if the personnel files had been accessed.   Hydra was counting on SHIELD not to be so diligent.


All dressed up...

Nick hated formal events, but as the head of SHIELD, attendance was almost mandatory. Especially when it was a UN gig and seeing how the UN paid SHIELD's bills, Nick put on the monkey suit and a fake smile on his face.

The room was crowded with foreign dignitaries and SHIELD agents. Not only did Nick had to attend these shindigs, SHIELD also had to provide main security. There were uniformed agents stationed around the room, but the main security was really the agents who were dressed in formal wear. They were the ones closest to the dignitaries and were responsible for keeping their assignment safe.

Nick sipped the glass of club soda and half-listened to the Secretary General babble on to the British Ambassador. He continuously scanned the room, checking on his agents and keeping an eye out for a disturbance.

Aug. 8th, 2007

You've got to be kidding me


Hydra Base

"Alright boys an' girls, ya know what t' do. Get t' the base an' clean it out. We don't need this nest o' Hydra goons stickin' around. Get in, clean it up, an' get back here in one piece. Dismissed."

Nick didn't wait around for questions or any discussion. His agents had their orders and they would do their jobs. He lit the cigar in his mouth as he left the briefing room.

Jul. 21st, 2007


Fury's Files: Lee. Murdock. St. Croix. Espinosa. Guthrie. Hardy.

Logan finally couldn’t ignore the files Fury had given him any longer. If he was going to be on the helicarrier, he might as well get on with the job. He did give his word he’d at least talk to the group. If he couldn’t find anything to work with in the agents, he’d go back to his regular position and leave the field for the next sucker Fury could entice for the job. Maybe somebody with a little less guilt to work off.

He flipped through the files, remembering Tasha’s expressions while she read through and gave him her opinions of the six agents. With a sigh and a scowl, he put out a call for each one to check in with him in the next twenty four hours. The interviews would have to be in his quarters. Damned flying boat was too small to get any real privacy anywhere else. He didn’t need to advertise possible rejections. Just because he was picky about who worked on his team didn’t mean somebody else wouldn’t want the same agents on theirs. Surely Fury didn’t want him to take on all six. Who knew what Fury thought these days?

He looked at the names one more time.

Lee. Murdock. St. Croix. Espinosa. Guthrie. Hardy.

He could feel the headache already.

Jul. 20th, 2007

You've got to be kidding me


(no subject)

Well on the up side he wasn't deaf after the meeting with the two Cassidys and they seemed to have started on working things out between them, the downside was the meeting made him start thinking about his own kid. Things with Mikel have never been easy, but it had been a few years since he had even talked to his kid.

The kid was a hothead and as stubborn as Nick liked to deny he was. Those two things and with Nick as a father didn't go well together. It pained Nick that relations between them were strained, but he didn't think he could do make them better.

Thinking about Mikel always put Nick in a mood. It was the kind of mood to make agents clear a path and give him a wide berth.

Nick practically stomped down the hallway, heading toward his quarters.

There was a bottle of whiskey in his quarters he was going to make friends with.

Jul. 16th, 2007


Mulder and Scully Were Busy

Davenport, Maine. It was a fairly typical little tourist town, full of cottages and quaint B&Bs and little shops claiming to be "general stores" that sold absolutely nothing practical. It was also currently very, very quiet. Sure, there were plenty of locals puttering about, but the sudden decline in tourism had taken its toll on the town's moral.

Sight of the SHIELD agents (who were there under the guise of- surprise surprise- tourists) seem to perk many of them out of their funk though. People were helpful. Almost too helpful. Groceries were bagged quickly and neatly, food was served hot and fresh at the local eateries, and there were chocolate mints on each frilly-cased pillow at the bed and breakfast they were staying at. The people here were oh-so-eager to please the first tourists they'd seen in at least a week.

The agents had checked into their reserved B&B suites, two to a room without complication. The rooms were... typical B&B fair. Lots of "shabby chic" floral and toile prints and the promise of blueberry buttermilk pancakes in the morning.

If the garish decor was not enough to frighten our heroes, perhaps the strange sounds and lights that began sometime around one AM would do the trick?

Jul. 11th, 2007

You've got to be kidding me


It hits the fan: Earplugs required.

Nick looked at the young woman sitting in a chair on the other side of his desk. Damned if she didn't look a lot like her father. The kid sounded like Sean as well. Sometimes that thick Irish accent was hard to understand.

The kid was already dressed in a uniform and had been shown quarters. Logan had taken care of getting settled without Sean finding out. Nick was sure it had been difficult, but the diminutive Canadian had managed. Sometimes it was hard to slip something past Cassidy.

Nick looked at her again. There was one more thing to do and it was going to be the most painful. Nick had earplugs in his ear, but somehow he didn't think they'd be of much help.

He pressed a button on his intercomm. "Get Sean in here," he said, purposely leaving out Sean's last name.

Another look at the girl. "There's someone I want ya t' meet. He'll be overseein' yer trainin'."

Jul. 6th, 2007

You've got to be kidding me


Like something from a Stephen King Novel

Nick frowned as he read the report. It could be right. At least fifteen people up and disappearing from a small town in Maine. People just didn't up and disappear. Not fifteen of them. There was also mention of some weird glowing lights in the area.

He looked up at the agent standing in front of his desk. "This correct?"

"Of course, sir," Agent Torres replied.

"Sonovabitch. Do we know anything about the missin' people?"

"Not much, sir. We know only what's in the report."

"Thanks, Agent Torres. Dismissed."

The agent saluted and the left the office.

Technically it wasn't an international incident that needed SHIELD's attention, but the glowing lights did nag at him. The weird and unusual were part of SHIELD's jurisdiction. Nick supposed he'd have to put a small team together to go investigate.

Nick pressed the button to buzz his assistant.

"Get Romanoff in here."

Jul. 4th, 2007


Foggy Summer Morning...

Once his last few days of leave were done, Logan put himself on a SHIELD transport and few to San Francisco.  

He wasn't fond of the city.  It was too touchy-feely a place for him to be comfortable in.  Forget the gay population, it was the people who had no concept of personal space that drove him crazy.  The last time he was here, he had his hair fondled by strangers in a bar.  He'd bared his teeth, but they weren't impressed.  One man exclaimed over the thickness while his girlfriend complained about split ends.  Was it his fault he'd been too busy to get a haircut?   It was only the glint of metal tips from between his knuckles that persuaded them to leave him alone.   

Weirdos lived in San Francisco.  Freaks in LA.  Entitlement leeches in Chicago.  Publicity whores in DC.  

America.  What a country.  

The file was committed to memory.  He was looking for one Theresa Cassidy, reportedly working as a waitress in a tourist trap close to the bay near Fisherman's Wharf.  The file had been extensive, but it didn't give her work schedule for the week.  An agent was to meet him here, but the last communication said the female agent would be delayed.  A little advance work never went to waste.  He'd make contact, see if the girl was even ready to listen to what he had to say.  

With good memories of his leave still lingering, Logan whistled as he strolled down the sidewalk toward the restuarant. 

Jul. 3rd, 2007

closeup - photo


Errand Girl (open to Walters, St. Croix and Cap)

Natasha walked through the corridors of the 'Carrier, books in arms and on a mission. On a few missions in actuality. Her first two stops were to see Walters and St. Croix. This past week's famous brawlers. The word about their little tussle in the gym had spread like wildfire through the Carrier as soon as the last punch had been thrown.

Natasha was now on her way to see each of them to let them both know that they were no longer confined to quarters, but they would each have deck duty for the next week. In Natasha's opinion, Nick was going easy on them. They should be cleaning the latrines for what they did.

The books in her arms were for Steve. He was a man out of time and needed reading materials to catch up. Natasha knew history, but she couldn't be around all the time to answer any questions. Books were the next best thing. Natasha was smart enough to get a few general world history books from a few countries around the world instead of just relying on American versions of history.

There was a small bounce in her step if anyone stopped long enough to notice.

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